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Terms & Conditions

By registering to participate in SRC Events the participant declares that he/she is familiar with and accepts the provisions laid down by or pursuant to these rules and regulations, as stipulated below:


Barring its legal liability, the Organisers shall not be responsible or (financially) liable for any accidents and/or illness suffered by the participant, for loss of property, or for any other damages allegedly suffered by the participant or caused to general public, when out  on the courses.


Rules and Regulations Applicable to All Events/Participants


General Rules:

1.0 - The Great Barrow Challenge is an extreme sporting event. Participation is voluntary and entirely at the participant’s own risk. All registrations must comply with the conditions laid down by the Organisers.


1.1 - The number of registrations will be limited in accordance with the Organiser’s guidelines.


1.2 - The Organisers reserves the right to alter the published route, and/or start or finishing times.


1.3 - The Organisers reserves the right to cancel the event completely or in part, on the grounds of such extreme weather conditions or other calamity or calamities that Organisers cannot reasonably be expected to do otherwise. In such cases participants will not be entitled to a refund of the registration fee, nor to any compensation for material or immaterial damages incurred. Any cases not provided for by these rules and regulations shall be decided by the Organisers who will ensure that the appropriate regulations laid down by or pursuant to these Rules and Regulations are adequately publicised or otherwise communicated to all participants.


2.0 - The registration fee will not be refunded in the event of a participant cancelling their registration or not turning up - but can be transferred - as per 2.2 , 2.3 & 2.4 .


2.1 - The registration fee can be deferred, once, to another race, or another participant if the organisers are notified :


2.2 - More than 21 days before the event free of charge


In the case that you cannot attend through injury (no other reason) and inform us more than 21 days before the event, we will carry your deposit/balance to one of our following events, or transfer to another runner.


2.3 - Less than 21 days but more than 7 days before the event


Deferral or transfer can be arranged with a fee of £7.50, this can be found in the website shop

2.4 - Less than 7 days before the event - no changes unless Covid related and evidence will be required

2.5  Any cancellation at any time due to Covid or government restrictions either by the runner or SRC will be held as a credit

3.0 - By registering the participant also agrees to the possible use by the Organisers of his/her personal details (name and town) and/or image in print, on photograph, film or video etc, for promotional or informative purposes in the interest of the SRC, without being entitled to demand payment.


4.0 - Event Rules :


Participants who fail to report to Event Control in the morning will be classed as DNS, and will not get a medal or be listed in the results.


Participants who fail to report to each Checkpoint on Course will be classed as DNF, and will not get a medal or be listed in the results.


Participants who fail to get through the last checkpoing in 5.5hrs will be classed as DNF, and will not get a medal or be listed in the results.

Participants who fail to complete within the alloted 7hr time limit will be classed as DNF, and will not get a medal or be listed in the results.


Participants who cheat in any way (i.e.  taking short cuts, using motorized vehicles or bikes, getting lifts in cars from non GBC sanctioned staff) will be classed as DQ, will not get a medal, and may be banned from further SRC events.

4.1 - Please note that anyone not completing the event must inform control so to avoid an unnecessary search.


4.2 - Throughout the event participants are forbidden to

- Express any political views

- Behave or dress offensively

- Take drugs, dope or take any form of banned performance enhancement substances

- Carry and/or distribute advertising material unless so permitted by the Organisers

- Have anything with them which could reasonably be considered to be dangerous or to seriously inconvenience other participants.

- Deface any public property

- Ignore any instructions given by the organisers, police, medical personnel or other officials.


4.3 - Infringement of the provisions laid down in or pursuant to these rules and regulations can result in (conditional) disqualification from (further) participation.


5.0 - Exclusion:

Please note that the event will not be open to:

1. Any person who has been disqualified from ANY event for cheating.

2. Any person who has failed to pay for an event or ‘bounced’ payment for an event which is still unpaid.

3. Any person who has brought the GBC or any other similar event in to disrepute; as notified by the RD of that event.



Criteria Specific to TEN in 10.  Entrants must have experience in running either marathons or Ultra events, however, we will not deter those first timers who are looking for a serious challenge.  Disclaimer required. Please contact email:  prior to completing form if unsure.

Liability Waiver - IMPORTANT

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