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Challenge yourself

Organising running events from our own base for more than 12 years

Come and join the family

Your distance, your run

Regular multi day events throughout the year

Covid 19


We have strict rules in place for everyone's safety

- Outside check in and toilets

- No food at checkpoints.  Snack pack at end is prepared in advance and items are in wrappers

- Runners must carry hand sanitiser, mobile phone, water and mask


Should an event be cancelled, or you are unable to run due to Covid 19, you will receive a credit to use within 6 months

Our Medal Series


Every finisher gets a medal.  The medal each refer to the course of the day and fit together to form a circle.   Once you have 10 different route medals just send us a photo and you will receive the centre piece. 

This picture shows the 10 routes from last years 10 in 10 with the special 10 in 10 Finisher centre piece.   

For single day collections the centre piece says 'Series Finisher'. 

Every series finisher is then able to access a discount code for future events.   

First series collected = 10% 

Second series collected = 15%

Any current series finishers can email us to get their discount code. 

The medal for each route will be updated to allow for new collections

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