Suffolk Running Centre - 2019

Each Loop starts and stops at the Academy, and is 6.55miles,  Just over 10km, and is a mixture of road and trail.  It is 'undulating'.


Loops are alternated, to bring variety, a challenge, and a way to see your mates on course

  • Lap 1 : Yellow : (6.55 miles)

  • Lap 2 : Red : (13.1 Miles.. Half)

  • Lap 3 : Yellow : (19.65 Miles)

  • Lap 4 : Red : (26.2 Miles.. Marathon)

  • Lap 5 : Yellow : (32.75 Miles.. Ultra)

and   Lap 6 has been done giving you 39.3 miles


Every finisher of at least one lap will get the themed medal if you have entered the 6 hr event.  

Want to do a 10K only?  Feel free to enter as a 10K event and get the SRC 10K medal.    Please note you will not be able to 'upgrade' after the start,  you can only run the event you have registered for.  Upgrade at registration prior to the run is no problem - depending on medal availablility on the day.


GPX files and course photos coming soon.

two colour route

The Course

The Course will be the same each day, and each event.  If you want variety and challenge look out for one of our single loop marathons during the Great Barrow Challenge ( summer event.

We are in the process of finalising several new routes to be used for all distances and to give variety.  These include at least one single loop half marathon to be completed twice for the marathon distance, as well as more than one out and back with a half marathon distance.   There will also be a variety of road and trail but some will be road only.


Please be patient with us whilst we finalise these. Once ready each event will be updated with the route to be used.