Suffolk Running Centre - 2019

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Denham Flats 

6.55mile/10.5K  out and back  all road


Out through Barrow Village towards Denham where you will get distant views over to Ely Cathedral and run past the deer farm.

Just a left hand turn for a final short stretch to the checkpoint and then return.  


Review by Charlie, SRC Ambassador  -   on a section of the Kirtling route. All road, All flat and all good for your speedy runners or any beginners building up. At almost 3 km you can look across the fields and see Ely cathedral. Don’t panic if you miss it you can just do another lap to look. Most importantly on a flat route it gives you an excuse to walk. The check point is the turn around point.

A little bit tricky crossing the road an the corner at the shop as lots of cars park on the road constantly swapping for others so remember to look. Super easy to navigate.

I rate this a 1 out of 5 difficulty.


Mount Barrow

6.55mile/10.5K out and back   all road


Lovely Suffolk views throughout, turn a corner and see something new.  Easy to navigate.  


Review by Charlie, SRC Ambassador -  this route takes in some of the road sections of  Burthorpe Trail including “the rollercoaster”,  it is an out and back and faster than you imagine. The marathon has the an elevation of 3700 over the 4 laps. On a personal note I love this route it’s challenging and all on road. You turn around at the checkpoint and head back the way you came. Easy to navigate.

You will often come across horses out on a hack. Farmers and dog walkers also favour this route, if you're easily distracted you're in trouble.

I rate this 4 out of 5 difficulty.


Burthorpe Trail

6.55mile/10.5K loop      mix of trail and road


Another Barrow challenge, what goes down must come up!  The route starts and finishes along the same stretch then splits into a loop the direction of which you will alternate making it a social route with fresh outlooks.  Some lovely woodland stretches opening out onto some cracking views.  You will also find sections of track, hills and village roads.


Ambassadors review from Charlie -

This route is tough but rewarding, when following the yellow arrows you approach a T junction. If you do nothing else look up here! The view across the fields is amazing. It’s so amazing the hedge row has a gap for you too look through.

This route is run in a lollipop shape (if you have a great imagination) each head of the lollipop is run in alternate directions. Believe it or not one way is downhill.

The stick of the lollipop incorporates “the track” that’s all I can say about that. The check point is located half way either at the end or the start of the trail section. The trail section has wonderful trail with trees either side (tree roots) and opens out on to field’s to look across and enjoy before back into the trees.

Technical mix of trail and road with undulating sections

I rate this a 4.5 out of 5 difficulty


The Higham Hills

6.55mile/10.5K  Out and back     all road


Begins through the village towards Denham but then takes a right which brings you to long stretches of winding country lanes with stunning open views across fields changing with the seasons.  Our logo is based on a photo taken on this road.  This route is all rural, arcing back towards base before you turn around and return the same way.

Dalham Kiln 

13.1mile/21K  Loop  mainly road with approx. 1.5 miles of trail


This course begins with the Denham Flats, you then continue through to Ousden, past The Fox Pub on your right. You will then find a lovely long stretch of downhill for approx. a mile and a half taking in wide country roads with some light traffic, remember to run on the left. The downhill continues after the checkpoint into the picturesque village of Dalham where you can look out for the Dalham Kiln on the left, as you turn right up a small lane towards woodland.  You will go through some farm buildings and out onto another lovely stretch of views!

Chevington Chase

13.1mile/21K  Loop


Another new route so look out for the details but this will take in some of our most popular countryside from previous routes.

Kirtling Road

Full Marathon Single Loop Officially Measured and incorporating a  13.1mile/21K Loop  and a 10.5K/6.55mile out and back


Review by Charlie, SRC Ambassador

Fantastic full loop that includes passing a local shop that sells ice creams! Mildly undulating and fully on road. Easy to navigate as long as your looking and not chatting. One of my favourite parts (other than 4 checkpoints) is the old fashioned phone box turned into a book shop. So look out for that. A small section of the road is prone to flooding in very very wet weather but that is only a very small section.

You need to remember you are on road and that so are vehicles so stay on the left. Look before you step out. Wear something bright.

I recommend budding up on this route it makes the long straights much more fun.

I rate this 2 out of 5 for difficulty.


Please note -   the half and and 10K are not yet officially measured


The Gallops

13.1mile/21K  Out and Back    


A brand new route being developed that will take you all the way to Newmarket to take in the glorious gallops where you may well see race horses in training

Dalham sign

The Windmill Half 

13.1mile/21K  Loop  all road  


Takes in sections of the Kirtling route.  Go through villages of Higham, Gazeley, Ashley, Dalham and Denham.   Look out for the windmill at Dalham and just before the windmill look over to the left for some stunning views of Dalham Hall.   Rolling hills with an elevation of approximately 600 ft.

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