Suffolk Running Centre - 2019


What do we do?

Suffolk Running Centre organises rural running events.  


Who are we?

Glen Moulds is the Race Director and founder.   He owns the site that SRC runs from.   Other team members include Julie Moulds who organises the entries and acts as time keeper,   Paul Dachler who is the resident medic in attendance on race day plus Patrick Lewis, Robert Marshall and Helen Marshall who all help with the route planning and marking in addition to the checkpoint set up.  


When are the events?

Every first full weekend of the month, every month.  Plus a 10 day event at the end of June.  Find the dates on our calender and in the Events/Shop tab.


What distances are the races?

Marathon, Half Marathon and Ultra.

5K and 10K may return after the pandemic


What routes do we use?

The routes all start and finish at our base in Barrow.  All unique to us.  All rural, the majority are a good mix of road and trail.  

We have one officially measured road marathon - Kirtling.  

We are currently using

5 single loop marathons

1 full marathon out and back routes.

4 single loop half marathon routes

4 6.55m loops/out and back routes


What is the terrain?

Terrain ranges from country roads to tracks and farmers fields

Many are scenic and you will often run through lovely Suffolk villages

Elevations can vary, Suffolk is not flat


What's the bling like?

Medals for every finisher.  Take a look at our routes page to get an idea of designs.

Our current series relates to the routes, a different medal for each route.  10 fit together in a circle with a series finisher medal as a centre piece.